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For sample coating curves please email us info@opticalcoatings.lt


AR coating services

Antireflection coatings decrease reflection to minimum and increase the transmittance through substrate. "Optines dangos" supplies single layer, V-type, broadband, multiwavelength and custom AR coatings.

HR coating services

Dielectric high reflective coatings are used to increase the reflectivity of a surface. Single and multiwavelength, broadband coatings are available.

Beam-splitting coating services

Variable reflecting mirror coating services

Metallic mirror coating services

Aluminium, aurum, silver coatings with or without protection are available.

Aurum contacts for crystals

Aurum contacts for crystals that are used in Pockels cells.

Astronomy filter coating services

Custom coatings

Our company has the knowledge and experience to design various coatings for Your needs. It's our passion to find solutions for even the most difficult and unusual assigments. For custom coatings and other questions please email us info@opticalcoatings.lt

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